10 Ways to Get Cheap New York Auto Insurance Quotes

September 18, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

New York auto insurance is very important for all of us to have. Not only because it is mandated by law but is critical in the event of any accident or car problem. Unless you want to pay all of the costs from any accident or car issue yourself, you are going to have to have insurance to help out.

Getting New York car insurance quotes is like everything else in New York, expensive. With rising car thefts and a high number of car accidents, it’s understandable that rates in New York are higher. The higher rates for New York car insurance quotes is substantially higher than the national average.

Before you decide cheap New York auto insurance is impossible, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve come up with ten ways to get a cheaper New York auto insurance quote:

1. Compare and check New York auto insurance quotes. The first thing that you can do is to go online and check for New York auto insurance quotes and then compare them. You will find something that will fit your budget if you spend some time getting a number of quotes and seeing what are your options.

2. Find ways to reduce your coverage. This works especially well for those with full coverage. Coverage such as comprehensive may not be necessary for an old car owner. However, those with leases will not be able to use this option since full coverage is required. Also look into simply having the State minimum coverage. Under certain circumstances, this might leave you more exposed than you would like.

3. Look at increasing your deductible level. If you increase the amount that you pay before your New York auto insurance kicks in, you are sure to get a lower NY car insurance quote.

4. Get a low profile car. In insurance, the term low profile means that the car is not included in the list of the top stolen cars. Car theft is high in New York and that increases the cost of your premiums. Foreign cars and high priced cars are the perfect target for car thieves. Having a vehicle that is not on the targeted list will give you a shot at lower New York car insurance quotes.

5. Be a good driver. Having a good driving record for the past three years will make you eligible for a discount. However, this discount will be removed if you have incurred a DUI or an accident.

6. Get some safety devices. Having an alarm or other safety device also will allow you an additional discount on your NY car insurance quote. Talk with car dealers to find out what the best choices are to help reduce your rates.

7. Have a top notch credit rating. The lower your credit rating the lower your New York car insurance quote since you are considered a high risk insure. Check and see if there is a New York insurance company that doesn’t rely heavily on your credit score.

8. Keep the mileage down. You are more likely to have an accident the more you drive. Those low mileage drivers might be able to get lower rates on their New York auto insurance quote.

9. Add an additional insurance policy with the same insurance company. Most companies don’t only offer one form of insurance. By combining your New York auto insurance policy with a New York home or life insurance quote you might get an additional deduction of 10-20%

10. Military members get discounts. Any military member both past and present, can get New York auto insurance discounts from several companies.

Getting a cheap New York auto insurance quote is only a matter of research and taking the time to find out all of your options.

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