4×4 Insurance In Detail

May 30, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Every type of vehicle insurance has to be tailored toward the specific vehicle it is insuring. In the case of 4×4?s, insurance coverage has to cover the excess risks and hazards that are sometimes involved. Regular car and truck owners are not always subject to these risks and receive lower rates. Before you choose an insurance company to go through, make sure you know all of the facts on 4×4 insurance. This will help you choose a plan that best fits your needs.

4×4 vehicles are specifically singled out because they can handle off road driving. Insurance companies have much more to worry about with off road driving, especially in vehicle damages. If you choose to use your 4×4 on the street only you can lower your insurance premiums. Off road coverage is extra and will cover damaged incurred from popped tires, broken windshields, or dents. If you choose to drive off road without purchasing the extra insurance your policy will cancel out until you return to the road. You may choose to be covered for only a few days if you are going out for a short excursion.

4×4 trucks and SUVs have all of the regular types of insurance available for drivers. The minimal type is called liability insurance, and it covers other vehicles and individuals that were involved in an accident, but not your own. Comprehensive and collision insurance can also be obtained like an average vehicle. Unfortunately these will often be more expensive than regular policies. The monthly rate you pay will reflect on how much overall coverage you have. The extra cost will cover the increased likely hood that your 4×4 may be stolen or vandalized.

4×4 vehicles are often more expensive to insure because they cost more to repair. Unlike cars and other mass produced vehicles, the parts for 4×4 trucks and SUVs are harder to find a replace. Your insurance company will therefore have to pay more to fix your vehicle. If you have added anything on to your 4×4 you can expect that it won?t be covered by traditional insurance policies. These add-ons will have to be individually insured or paid to fix by you. Wide screens are very popular features of 4x4s that are not covered by regular insurance. If the truck has this feature be sure that your policy insures its repairs.

Salvage retention rights allow you to take advantage of certain rights that other drivers cannot use. These rights allow you fit on parts to your 4×4 or make updates when needed. Most other policies will void the contract if you attempted this. Your salvage retention rights also allow you to keep the parts of your 4×4 if it is totaled. Those who fix their own cars find this very helpful for repairing other vehicles for no additional cost. Most policies, even those for 4x4s will not come with salvage retention so make sure you add it on if necessary.


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