A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Have Car Insurance Now

September 29, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

You drive a car that is not worth very much but it gets you where you want to go. The cost of car insurance can seem like a waste of money. But, there are good reasons to take out insurance cover for your vehicle.

If you have an accident while driving you are held responsible for paying the damages bill. Not only will you need to find the money to cover the costs of your car but for the other car as well. It makes no difference if the circumstances were outside your control. If you don’t have insurance cover you will have to use your savings to pay.

When accidents happen and the person at fault does not have the money to pay for the damage, your vehicle is still unable to be used. If their car is worthless and they have no income or assets it is up to you to find the money to pay for the repairs to your car yourself.

If a person refuses to pay for the damage they caused to your vehicle you will be required to take them to court to recover the money. The time and expense involved in a law suit could cost you many times more than the repair bill. And, while you are waiting for the outcome, you won’t have a car to use.

What if your car is damaged while you are not there and you don’t know who caused the problems? Or, hail stones put dents all over the body? In these cases there is no one to claim against. With a car policy you could get the money to repair your car even when there is nobody to blame for the damage.

Stolen cars are common. Some are taken for joy rides, then vandalized and dumped. Others are stripped down and the parts are sold. If this happens to you it will take some time to save the money to get another car. And, in the meantime it will be necessary for you to work how to get around without a vehicle.

Most people rate their car as the second most important asset they own. Only their home is more important to them. Taking out a car insurance policy provides peace of mind from knowing that this very important possession will be replaced, or repaired quickly should the need arise.


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