A List Of What The Typical SR22 Insurance Requirements Are

March 11, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Before obtaining an SR22 policy, you will be required to comply with SR22 insurance requirements that accompany this extension to this insurance policy. Really, this is really not an insurance policy at all. It is an insurance endorsement certificate to your typical insurance policy. The endorsement generally states that you are a high risk driver for one reason or another.

It is defined as a certificate that is added to an insurance policy that will be used to show the department of motor vehicles that you have the minimum amount of insurance coverage on your vehicle. If your insurance policy lapses, is canceled or terminated then. the insurance company is obligated to inform the motor vehicles department of this discrepancy.

There are a variety of different SR22 insurance requirements that an individual will need to follow, depending upon their state of residence. Some of the common reasons why an such insurance policy may be required is due to them being caught driving under the influence, driving without a valid drivers license or driving with a revoked license.

Normally, the motor vehicle department will make individuals who are required to have the policy obtain it for an allotted amount of time. The time period that an individual is required to have their policy for will differ, based upon their offense. For instance, a person that has a judgment on their license will need to obtain an SR22 policy for the course of two years after their judgment has been satisfied.

Judges have the ability to require a party to have an this policy at any time that they feel it is appropriate. After a judge has ordered such defendant to have such policy in order to operate a motor vehicle, the motor vehicle department will choose to cancel or suspend an individuals license until they obtain the required policy.

By law, an insurance company must report any changes to an SR22 policy to the motor vehicles department. If the policy has lapsed, been canceled or not renewed then the motor vehicles department can choose to revoke or suspend an individuals license once again. At that time, typically, the individual will have their license revoked or suspended because they failed to abide by the obligations stated in their insurance policy.

Anyone that is required to have an SR22 policy will automatically be classified as a high risk driver. Since, an individual is being classified as a high risk driver, they must keep this type of insurance until they are no longer considered a high risk driver. Also, you do not have to own a motor vehicle in order to have an SR22 policy. Policies that are issued to individuals that do not own a motor vehicle are known as a non-owners SR22 policy.

The amount of money that you need to pay for this policy will differ based upon your offense and the state in which you reside. Some states force drivers to pay more money for their insurance coverage, simply because of their new high risk status.


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