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July 25, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Matt Hellstrom

Antique or vintage automobiles are highly collectible items with a huge fan base. Although the antique auto insurance will only be able to cover the monetary value of a vintage or classic automobile, it is still wise to have some sort of recourse than having none in events these classic vehicles are damaged or stolen. These vehicles are a passion for many people and there are many collectors of classic and vintage automobiles.

The value of these automobiles increase each year unlike other automobiles that are subject to depreciation in their value with each passing year. These antique automobiles are works of art and are highly prized by collectors who are sometimes willing to pay many times more than their actual utilitarian value. It is very difficult to determine the market value of an antique car while insuring it. There aren’t that many antique auto insurance providers available either.

The insurance value for a vehicle is usually determined by the original price less the depreciation over the years that it has collected. In the case of an antique automobile, the price cannot be determined in this fashion as it is the age of the car that contributes to the rise in its value.

The main methods adopted by antique auto insurance companies to determine the price of a vintage or classic automobile are of three kinds. Usually the value is arrived at through mutual agreement between the owner and the insurance company. This is usually much higher than the original price and also is inclusive of the appreciation in value corresponding to the age of the car.

The price of an antique or classic automobile can be arrived at by employing the services of an independent appraiser as well. This price that is arrived at is invariably much higher than the original price of the automobile. This value can also be arrived at through comparing the automobile in question with others in its genre as listed in trade magazines that list out price indexes for vintage automobiles.

One valuation method would be to determine the stated cash value which usually is the cumulative of purchase prices and cost of periodic upgrades. Another method which is not so popular is to opt for the actual cash value of the automobile which is based on the original price sans depreciation over the years. This could also be called the actual utility value of the car.

There are many rules that are laid down by antique auto insurance providers that have to be followed by the owner of a vintage automobile for the policy to be effective. Antique auto insurance companies stipulate that the automobile should not be used as a means of regular transport and should be kept in a safe environment sometimes with security alarms and fire proof measures in place. The other requirements are that the owner should have an impeccable driving record of over 10 years to be eligible for a policy. These automobiles are also not to be used for racing and it has to be shown that all members of the family of the owner have access to other modes of transportation than the vintage automobile.

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