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December 28, 2017 · Posted in General 

In the state of Arizona, it’s not that difficult to obtain a very low rate for your auto insurance while at the same time enjoying the best in coverage. These benefits would be under the same policy package without compromising one for the other. But then, there are a few things you need to understand about auto insurance law as obtained in Arizona.

Since the law expects all drivers to have some form of basic auto insurance, the insurer of the person at fault bears the cost of bodily injury or property damage in any given accident. This means, your insurer bears the costs where you are found guilty in any accident involving another party.

Basically, the laws provide that your auto insurance policy should cover the injured party to the tune of $15k per person up to a total of $30k in any one accident where you’re at fault. In the same vein, your policy should also provide up to $10,000 worth of cover for damage to property. Having this kind of auto insurance policy would suffice by Arizona laws.

But wait a minute…what would happen if after buying this kind of policy, you are at fault in an accident that requires up to $66,000 in liability issues?

If that happens, the insurer would only be liable up to the tune of $40,000. But in the event that the policy holder has his. Yes, the policy holder repairs his.

Sufficient coverage would protect you from losses after assessing your life pattern, assets and individual situation. Bear in mind, though, that two persons might have radically different auto insurance needs. The scope of your policy might change periodically to accommodate changes in lifestyle and status. At this stage, it is wise to talk to a trusted agent who would talk you through what is actually adequate for you as coverage.

If you’d like cheaper rates for adequate coverage, then apply the following tips…

1. Be careful how you drive. Good driving records make you a good prospect with insurers.

2. If it’s possible with you, get a low cost car. This is because expensive cars attract higher rates.

3. Insure all your cars with the same insurer.

4. Don’t bother with minor claims. 3 or 5 years without a single claim qualifies you for a “no claims bonus.

5. You should rather cut out comprehensive and collision coverage types if yours is an old car.

6. Make certain to install anti-theft gadgets in your car.

7. Where you buy your home matters. There are neighborhoods that attract higher rates.

8. Get many quotes from various insurers. Spending a few minutes on the internet to review some quotes would enable you save much more.

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