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October 26, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Tom Wilcox

We all want our cars to look good, and sometimes we want our cars to look better. When we want our cars looking better, we get body and paint work done. Perhaps you need to repair a dent, or you want your car to have a different color. Either way, you need to find someone who will do the right amount of work for the right price.

They should ask if everyone was OK after the accident, generally, they should be more interested in your needs and concerns then their own profit margins. The sad thing is there are many body shops that are just in it for a quick buck and do not have the customer skills or even the repair skills to do the job you, or your insurance company, is paying for. So how do you weed those shops out?

Following are certain steps that you should follow if you are unsatisfied with the repair job done by the auto body shop:

The type of paint you get will also have a lot to do with the cost of the job. If you get metallic paint that changes color depending how someone looks at it, you will be paying thousands of dollars to get it done.

All you need to do is explain clearly what you think is not repaired properly and what needs to be repaired. In case, the manager or the shop-owner fails to help you, move on to Step 2.

Just be aware and ask the questions. Also small shops may not have all the fancy lasers and computer operated equipment of a large shop, Then again lasers and computers don’t fix cars in most cases they are sales tools and rarely used. Even a frame rack although necessary is nothing more then a few well placed trees, they don’t fix cars, the tech is the most important part of the repair.

Ask if the body shop is on any insurance programs or direct repair programs, if they are ask why? the only reason I know why a auto body shop would agree to be on a program would be to get work that they could not get on their own. Again this does not mean just because they have a direct repair program they are not a great shop, but if they have 20 then I would be a little concerned? Ask them to explain.

And by far the best resource for finding a good body shop is word of mouth, a friend that’s had work done and is happy to let you know about the auto body shop he had good luck with is a good sign they were treated well. If you have no friends or coworkers that have had resent repairs, you can try the local automotive paint supply stores in the area, they visit shops large and small every day and may be able to help you out.

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