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Choice of automobile repairs shops.

If an automobile is damaged as a result of collision, theft, fire, or vandalism, the owner will have to make a decision of where to take the automobile for repairs. Some California auto insurance companies keeps a list of recommended or preferred automobile repairs shops, among which the California auto insurance companies will recommend for the customer’s use. The California auto insurance companies do not enforce, which means that the customer has the right to reject if it pleases him.

California auto insurance terms and conditions has particular requirements that California auto insurance companies must abide by in the directon of a customer to a recommended automobile repairs shop. These requirements are found in section 2695.8(e) of the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations.

There are cases where the insured particularly requests for a recommended repair shop from the insurance company.

Before this the insured will have informed mostly in writing about his rights to choose a repair shop of his choice.

When the insured decides to ise the company’s repair shop, the auto insurance company must restore the damaged automobile to its original state before the accident, without extra expenses beyond what is stated in the insurance policy.

If the recommendation was given orally by the company, and accepted by him, the company has to follow it up with a written recommendation within the next five days as the law requires.

If the repair is carried out in a shop that the insured chose, then the auto insurance company will pay all the expenses incurred to the repairer of the automobile. The auto insurance company is prevented from discounting the expenses incurred.

The auto insurance company must also make sure that the automobile is properly repaired by whoever is repairing the automobile.

Where to File Complaints

Filing a complaint has to directed to the right place. Complaints that involves auto insurance companies must be forwarded to the California Department of Insurance. But complaints that involves automobile repairs does not under the regulation of the California Department of Insurance but should rather be forwarded to the Bureau of automotive repair.

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