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January 5, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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Auto insurance in California is a very expensive service. There are three types of auto insurance in California such as exclusive insurance, standard and the established percent of risk. If you are not an inhabitant of California and your stay here is temporary, you must buy the most dear auto insurance-established percent of risk. It is necessary for you to receive an exclusive auto insurance policy and you must have a report of movement for the last three years.

California is a state of infringement of legitimate rights. Here you are responsible for the damages caused by you as a result of accident. The minimal responsibility for a physical injury makes 15 000 $ for the person and 5 000 $ for damage of a private property. By the law of California you should buy even minimal coverage through which insurance could compensate losses brought to the affected party as a result of accident. If you do not observe a rule of traffic or carelessly conduct the car, then the auto insurance company reserves the right not to give you insurance.

If you are afraid that your car will be stolen or damaged, you must choose a corresponding auto insurance. The insurance which covers all risks is very expensive. Auto insurance agent in California precisely defines the norms of insurance for your car. They considers such factors as type of a vehicle, age, and place of residing. If you buy the car that has an automatically rendered services auto insurances. An all-round scope is very favorable.If you have any other auto insurance norms for yourself, then it is not necessary to choose the all-round plan. The cost of auto insurances begins with about 500$ within a year. If you have some kind of auto insurance that offers to you some system of discounts. At the reception of the auto insurance, acquaint yourself with all the conditions of indemnification of losses at accident. Select the best auto insurance agent who will help you deal with any problem you have. Also purchase auto insurance at a company that will help you to save some money by means of discounts.

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