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April 18, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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California demands that all drivers must get an auto insurance. People who owns a car but do not use it should all the same have an auto insurance in California. The auto insurance law of the financial responsibility of California demands that all drivers are materially responsible for their actions. In California the auto insurance law establishes the minimal limits for auto insurances. Indemnification for physical injuries at an accident makes 15,000 $, or 30,000 $ if there are some more injuries. Indemnification for damage of the property at accident makes 5,000 $.

According to the law of California each driver should bear the financial responsibility for a caused accident. There are four kinds of auto insurance; self-insurance, the deposit of 35,000 $, the obligation of a guarantee 35,000 $, received by the company, range according to an auto insurance policy in California of the car or a motor vehicle. The minimal auto insurance range are demanded by law as a responsibility. Scope of collision compensates for the damage to your car as a result of the collision.

The law of California states that if you have been involved in an accident and you have leave the place of the incident, that can incur a criminal liability even if the accident has not occurred at your fault. At once, after the accident, you should report the date, identification number of a vehicle, the name and the address of the owner of the car to the policeman. You should also report to the police if the accident has caused death or serious wound. The expert who comes to the place of incident will carry out research and will make the report. To receive an auto insurance, you should have executed it for 19 years and you should also have a driving experience within the last three years. Also you should not have a criminal offence, or any road incidents.

Drivers in California should have at least purchase the minimal auto insurance of a civil liability which pays for wound or damage to a property as a result of an accident. Those who have no auto insurance are subject to high penalties. All-round scope is not obligatory, but can be useful as a result of accident.

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