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The contents of your California auto insurance policy.

This California auto insurance policy is a legal contract that binds you to the agreement.

This personal auto insurance policy must show five clear parts:

– The Declarations;

– The agreement of insurance;

– Some Definitions;

– Terms and Conditions;

– The Exclusions.

The Declarations:

This declarations shows all important and vital information on your personal auto insurance policy, and this includes:

– The type, date,and standard of your car;

– The vehicle identification number (VIN);

– The insured name i.e. either your name, your spouse’s name or both names);

– The date the policy is effective;

– The policy coverage type and the extent of the policy coverage;

– The cost of policy.

At times, other information are included such purpose of vehicle, whether for business or for pleasure. And if you have a financed car, the lender who has the lien of the vehicle will also be listed here as the loss payee. And if the car is totalled, then reimbursement is needed.

The Agreement of Insurance:

This part enumerates exactly what the California auto insurance company has promised to offer in return for the payment of your premium.

The extent and type of every coverage that you’ve acquired will be explained and stated in detail here. This section or part will also enumerates exactly those that are covered under each of your insurance provision.


This section shows and describes the meaning of all the keys words you are often used or come across in auto insurance.

Sometimes this section is simply written into the insuring agreement. But in either case, you can be sure that every relevant term will be narrowly defined.


This section is very important in any California auto insurance company, because it lets you know what, when and who won’t be covered by your auto insurance policy.

Terms and Conditions:

This section is very important if there is a case of accident. It describe your obligation as the insured in a claim situation.

This section of an auto insurance policy often includes the know-how of getting in touch with your California auto insurance company, getting a report from the police, and how to file a claim. Policy of auto insurance cancellation information is also usually written here.

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