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February 2, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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USA auto insurance policy covers quite a lot of this in case of auto accident. May be same one thinks that in auto insurance policy could be included different coverage at any time and anywhere. But it is a package. So, you can not take a liability part of auto insurance policy in other insurance company. And if you think, that not so famous (but cheap) company is the better way to get auto insurance policy, just because of liability cost, it is damage. It is really bad logic. Liability cost a lot less than property damage, where you can’t economize.

For example, medical payments pay you and your passengers for medical and funeral expenses incurred in an auto accident, regardless of fault – described by auto insurance policy. It will also cover injuries sustained by you while you’re operating someone else’s car (with their permission), in addition to injuries you or your family members (they also should have auto insurance policy) incur when you are pedestrians.

As for personal injury protection as a part of USA auto insurance policy it is the name usually given to no-fault benefits in states that have enacted mandatory or optional no-fault auto insurance laws. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is included into auto insurance policy usually has benefits for medical expenses, loss of income from work, essential services, accidental death, funeral expenses, and survivor benefits.

Many states have enacted auto accident compensation laws for USA auto insurance policy permitting auto accident victims to collect directly from their own insurance companies for medical and hospital expenses regardless of who was at fault in the accident, and what package of insurance policy. Although there are many legal variations of no-fault insurance included in insurance policy, most states still allow people to sue the negligent party if the amount of damages exceeds a certain state-determined threshold.

If you’re going to get an auto insurance policy and not so qualify it’s a great deal to have a good auto insurance agent. And a lot better to have some one with good recommendations to get auto insurance policy than from the Internet. When you can trust you can save your money for getting insurance policy.

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