Automobile Liability Insurance To Protect Your Assets

November 25, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Car Liability Insurance is required by state law in every state of the U. S. This insurance is designed to pay for the damage that you cause to other vehicles, property or persons in an automobile accident. Each of the states has their own requirement for liability insurance. Some states have a very minimal amount of insurance that is required, while others have tried to update their requirements to closer meet the actual costs of an accident.

In addition to being required by your state’s laws, liability insurance also protects other properties that you may own. When damage is done or injuries are caused in an accident, if your insurance coverage is found lacking, you can be held personally responsible and your personal property can have liens placed against it. These liens can prevent your from getting a loan or must be satisfied before the property can be sold.

Many times you will hear liability referred to using three numbers such as 25/50/25. The first 25 refers to the amount of money the policy would pay for medical expenses and other personal injury expenses ($25,000) for any one person that was hurt in an accident. The 50 is the maximum amount payable to all persons hurt in the accident ($50,000) and the second 25 is what the policy would pay for property damage ($25,000).

The requirement in most states is too low to give adequate protection to your personal and real property. Often you can purchase much more adequate insurance at a very small difference in price. The insurance agent should be able to give you a very good idea about the policy that would best suit your needs.

To find out how much insurance is required in your state you should talk with the state’s DMV. This department can give you both the amount of required insurance as well as the penalty for allowing your insurance to lapse. Some states are requiring that your insurance company make a report to the DMV any time that your insurance lapses at all.

States are finally penalizing persons with more than a slap on the hand for driving without a license. Many states will cancel your registration for the lapse in insurance until you can prove that you have insurance and pay an administrative fee. With subsequent incidents the penalties become larger. Some states will impound your vehicle for six months and charge you for storage.

If you do not have liability insurance, you can get quotes using your home computer and the internet. Compare those quotes in order to find the best prices and coverage for your vehicle. There may be several hundred dollars per year difference in the same coverage from different companies.

If you want to keep the cost of your liability insurance low, learn to drive defensively. This can save you money in a couple of ways. If you drive defensively, you are less likely to get a traffic ticket. In addition, you will avoid accidents. In addition to saving money you may save your own life or the life of family members.


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