The Big 20: Tips to Help Reduce Car Insurance Quotes Part Two 11-20

October 29, 2017 · Posted in General 
In the previous part of this article I covered ten ways to help reduce your car insurance quotes, despite petrol prices going down our insurance premiums continue to rise to the point of many of us questioning whether having a car is really worth it. 

Well help is at hand yet again, here are another ten tips and tricks to help bring your car insurance quotes back down to manageable levels.

11 – Avoid the soft top at all costs!  Soft top cars are an insurance nightmare; they’re easy to break into and tend to be higher performance vehicles.  You’re more likely to be hurt in an accident too so medical costs being claimed for are going to do you no favours come renewal time.

12 – Get extra qualified for driving by taking a pass plus course or an advanced driving course, by learning how to be safer and being able to drive more confidently in most situations you are proving to your car insurance provider that you can be trusted not to wrap your car round a lamp post.

13 – Cut down on who is listed as a named driver on your car, the more people that drive a car the more risk there is and so premiums shoot up.  Fewer drivers, especially teenage drivers will typically bring your quotes down assuming you have a clean record yourself.

14 – Save money on your breakdown cover by checking your battery, water, oil and petrol levels before a big journey and every few months for your oil as these can be common call out reasons.  You’ll typically receive a no call out bonus at the end of the year if you don’t need to call out the AA, RAC or whoever you are with.

15 – Consider only insuring 3rd party, fire and theft insurance if your car is old or of low value.  Cars under £2000 in value are typically not worth insuring with full comprehensive cover as most repairs will cost more than the cost of the car.

16 – If you are deemed a bad risk from previous convictions or financially then there are some insurers who specialise in insuring people like you!  Search them out and ask insurers whether they will cover someone in your circumstance.

17 – Some companies will offer No Claims Bonus protection where in certain circumstances you will not have to lose your NCB, typically this helps when someone else is found to be at fault of an accident with your car, considering NCBs are highly sought after it’s no surprise that many people want to keep their record squeaky clean.

18 – .Compare multiple providers, by checking with other companies you may be able to find the perfect insurer for you personally.  Sometimes playing one insurer off against the other may even help, when you get quoted for a price and another has quoted a better price then mention it and ask if they can beat it, if they won’t then you have still got the other provider so you can’t lose.  Again: don’t ask, don’t get.

19 – Lower your mileage and you can get some nice discounts, because you’re on the road less then you’re less likely to be involved in an accident.  Mileages under 12,000 typically earn 5 to 10 percent discount on car insurance and if you’re in a household with multiple cars and have a mileage of fewer than 5,000 then you’ll get even further cuts.

20 – Sometimes going direct to the insurers themselves can be the best option; some insurers do not buy into the whole insurance broker business and their discounts are saved for those who contact them directly, invariably this is only a small amount of insurers that adopt this policy, possibly because they don’t have very competitive prices!

So there you go twenty tips to drag your car insurance premiums down, by simply heeding the advice of a few of these tips you’re going to help bring your car insurance quotes down to a more manageable cost.

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