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December 14, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Car insurance is a requirement for those of us who want the privileged of driving. Now a days in most states, proper insurance for your vehicle is the law. There are many places to find insurance but make sure you get what you need, not just the best price.

State laws in Georgia require that all motor vehicles have insurance. There are some exceptions so ask your agent. Standard requirements are 25/50/25 as well as property damage of $25,000. If your car is financed through the bank or finance company, it’s possible they will require more coverage.

I was involved in an accident where the police would not list either party as being at fault. Then the person went back to their agent and said it was my fault. If I had not notified my insurance company at the time of the accident, I might have been blamed.

Ask your agent about discounts that are available to you regarding your insurance. Consumers are sometimes afraid to ask for a discount on their car insurance or for other purchases. Consider the different car insurance rates offered by many companies and be aware that there may be a difference in service.

With so many options available in companies and rates, it’s best to research different carriers online and locally in your area. There are also agents that will research many different companies to get you the best rate. Choosing a company and agent that works for you is important.

If you allow someone not covered on your policy to drive your vehicle and they have an accident, you are totally responsible, not your insurance company. In some instances it might not be required your car to be covered, which would be an exception. Again a perfect example of why you need to know your states insurance laws.

When you car is insured and the policy is written, the car insurance companies are required to submit your policy details into a database. All drivers of a motor vehicle are by law required to carry liability insurance on their cars.

The department of revenue in Georgia is able to detect which vehicle owners who are negligent with their insurance. As noted above, due to this requirement the Department of Revenue is able to monitor the car insurance holders. They will compare the registrations in their database to those who don’t have an active car insurance policy.

Choosing your insurance can be easier than ever with so many search options online as well as agencies. Just remember as we said, don’t go with the cheaper without reading your policy. Carrying enough coverage to eliminate the need for out of pocket expenses is a better way to cover your investment.

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