Can You Really Get Dirt Cheap Auto Insurance?

August 25, 2017 · Posted in General 

Is it possible today to find dirt cheap auto insurance out there? Many people are asking this question and will be glad to know that you definitely can find cheap auto insurance today. Although some may think it is next to impossible to find auto insurance that is inexpensive, it isn’t that tough to find a cheap policy if you know the steps that can help you get a better deal.

There are always ways to seek a variety of quotes from different auto insurance providers. In the past, this was a laborious process. Today, online applications make it much easier to submit quotes to multitudes of companies. As a result, it is possible to review many different quotes in order to select the dirt cheap auto insurance that best suits your needs.

The number of miles per year that you drive your car also factors into your insurance costs. For example, if you only drive a car 4,000 miles per year your insurance coverage can be adjusted to a lower amount. This is because your are spending very little time on the road and that means the odds of getting into an accident are far less than someone who drives 10,000 miles a year or more.

Where you park your vehicle is important as well when you are not driving. Do you have it in a garage or perhaps an area that is gated? This can affect the amount you pay for auto insurance. When your vehicle is kept in an area that is protected, it is less likely to be in an accident and not as likely to be stolen. When there is less risk for your vehicle, then it is easier to get the dirt cheap car insurance you want.

How you actually drive is also a major factor in keeping your insurance premiums low. If you are a person that racks up speeding tickets and moving violations, you will discover your car insurance premiums steadily climbing. Conversely, if you are a safe driver you may get a bonus discount. Some providers will offer discounts to those who enroll in defensive driving courses. The bottom line here is it is best to remain a careful driver. It will not only maintain your personal safety, it will keep your insurance premiums low.

Bringing together different insurance plans can save you money. If you have three vehicles and you put them under one policy, you can save. It’s much cheaper than going with separate policies for each of the vehicles. Combining together home insurance and your auto insurance can bring you savings as well. Companies are vying for your business and try to give good discounts to keep you with their company. You can get cheap auto insurance when you combine policies together with one company.

Do you have a car alarm in your car? More than likely, you already do because many alarms are installed by the dealership or manufacturer automatically. Now, did you know that some policies may offer a discount if you have an alarmed installed? Always mention this when dealing with the provider. It could save you a few dollars on that monthly premium.

How you pay your insurance can also be a factor in how much money you save. There are insurance providers that will offer a dirt cheap auto insurance discount if you pay the entire premium up front and in advance. Inquire about this when you receive an insurance quote. Most providers would love to receive full payment in advance and offering a discount is one way they can get their wish.

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