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February 28, 2017 · Posted in FAQ 
car insurance
Steven A asked:

I just sold a car. It has no insurance. The car is in New Jersey. It needs to get insurance in New York. Help?

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3 Responses to “Car – Insurance?”

  1. Nicole on March 31st, 2009 4:09 pm

    if you sold it then it’s not your problem anymore. I dont’ understand the question

  2. ME on April 1st, 2009 12:58 pm

    wait, if u sold the car to someone else, it’s their responsibility to insure it. in fact, YOU can’t insure a car that’s registered to someone else. so i’m a little confused…

  3. oklatom on April 3rd, 2009 11:37 am

    If you want to put insurance on a car you don’t own, please put it on mine instead of that one. I can send you the bill if you’d like. *grin*

    Insurance is no longer your problem, you don’t own the car, you sold it.

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