Car Insurance: Different Premium Rates for Men and Women

September 13, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
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To err is human and nobody can boast of not making a single mistake in life, including while driving in a car. Even if the person driving the car makes no mistake, chances are high that the person on the opposite side drives carelessly and accidents do happen. So, it is mandatory for every car owner to have a car insurance which would be beneficial for both the owner of the car and the car.

Car insurance is a type of insurance coverage for damage to the car including damage resulting from another vehicle. Car insurance covers a variety of things that depend upon the kind of car insurance that has been purchased. Car insurance carries a premium which is the amount a customer has to pay to obtain car insurance. The amount of premium depends on various factors and differs from one company to another.

In fact, there are different premium rates for males and females because it is a general fact that men are more likely to be involved in an accident than women. Likewise, the premium rates for teenagers are higher and have to pay more, since teenagers fall under the category of high risk. If the teenager takes a defensive driving course then, there is a chance of reducing the premium.

There is a deductible in car insurance for which the customer is responsible before the insurance provider offers insurance coverage for expenses and the deductibles also influence the coverage available. Car insurance also comes as collision auto insurance which covers the cost of repairs to a vehicle involved in an accident or the cash value of the vehicle, if it is beyond repair.

In the event of an accident happening, there may be a great deal of damage to the person as well as the car. Along with it, comes the financial liability. At least the later part can be reimbursed if the car is insured properly. If the car is uninsured, the person has to bear the mental agony, damage to the vehicle and the financial burden. So, it becomes utterly necessary and wise to take up car insurance.

Realizing the importance of car insurance, most of the countries around the globe have made car insurance mandatory. If a person drives without car insurance, he or she may have to face legal charges including suspension of driving privileges and also hefty fines and in some cases, jailing.

When car insurance is taken, it offers a peace of mind to the owner of the car and this fact would make him drive peacefully and safely and this factor itself would avoid many accidents. Every one owning a car has to possess a car insurance which is a way of protection, not only for the self but also for others on the road.

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