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June 11, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Any time you are in a automobile accident, you need to exchange car insurance information with the other driver. It is very likely that the insurance company of the driver that is found at fault will pay to have the vehicles replaced or repaired and for any medical expenses of persons who are involved in the accident. While there are a few no fault accident states, most require that the insurance of the driver who is found at fault pay for the vehicle repair and medical expenses.

Laws regarding financial responsibly have been enacted in nearly every state. These laws set the minimum amount of insurance that is required by the state. While amounts vary by state, some states have very severe consequences for drivers that do not have insurance.

Fortunately, the electronic world is making it more difficult for drivers to drive without insurance. Some states have initiated an electronic reporting system that allows officers to check immediately to see if your insurance is still in force. If your insurance has expired, the penalties also differ. Some states allow for a ticket while others require that your driver’s license or registration be suspended. You will need to show proof of insurance in order to have the registration or license reinstated.

These tightened regulations are good news for most drivers. Most drivers are responsible and keep their vehicles insured at all times. The new regulations make it less likely that a driver with without insurance is going to cause an accident. Unfortunately, some drivers will still get around these regulations too and be on the road. Be responsible and insure your vehicles.

It is a good idea to be sure that you have coverage on a new or used vehicle before ever driving it off the sales lot. It usually only takes a quick phone call to the insurance agent or customer service department of your insurance company to have insurance written for a new vehicle. Most insurance companies are willing to bill existing customers for the insurance for a new vehicle on the policy.

If you do not currently have insurance, you should contact either a local insurance agent or go on line to secure the quotes you need for auto insurance. On line quotes are easy to request and you can often receive multiple quotes by answering only one set of questions. Be sure that you compare quotes for the best prices on insurance.

Be sure that you are a responsible driver. Purchase insurance for your vehicle and keep the policy in force.


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