Car Insurance for Young People – Teens Drive for Less

March 8, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
by Marlene Fritz

Do you have a teen your young adult in your home that needs car insurance? Are you, yourself, under the age of twenty-five? If you have researched premiums, you probably already have already realized that finding affordable policy premiums is one of your toughest tasks. Any driver who has not hit their twenty-fifth birthday, will be put in a higher risk class. Sometimes it cost more to insure a teen driver than it does to insure both of the teen’s parents!

Tips to Insure A Younger Driver

1. Insurers love multiple policies from one family. If your family has more than one car, more than one driver, or even a home to insure, you may do well to combine all of your coverage with the same company.

Your old company may not offer you the best rates. Loyalty discounts are rare, and most experts advise you to shop around periodically.

Also consider driver’s education or safey classes. Since these classes have been demonstrated to produce better drivers, many top insurers are willing to offer a discount upon completion. The classes include time on the road, as well as classroom instruction. They may cost $400 or more, but can be offset by premium discounts and the fact that graduates are less likely to have accidents.

Better students who can keep up a B grade average can also get a discount with some insurers. Insurers do this because their records indicate that better students also tend to make less claims.

4. Consider the type of car a younger driver will operate. Some cars are just cheaper to insure, and most companies offer discounts for anti-theft devices or auto safety features. In addition, you may be able to name your younger driver on the car in your family, if there is a choice, that is less expensive to cover. A qualified agent or company rep may be able to help you with advice for your own family’s specific situation.

Younger drivers should probably not ge the keys to a specialty car. These cars tend to be associated with more claims, and having a teen driver at the wheel is a double whammy. A sedate family sedan will probably be a better choice than a sports car.

Always compare quotes. Calling around to several insurers or agents can take up time, but online forms allow you to compare policies and premiums from the comfort of your own computer.

If actually teaching a son or daughter to drive is one of the toughest things you have to do, then finding a good and affordable auto policy may be the secondd hardest. But you can take steps to help you out. Good luck, and drive safely.

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