Car Insurance Premiums, How Can You Reduce the Costs?

September 23, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Did you know insurance branches house an entire department with the strict and only purpose of analyzing and calculating insurance premiums? It’s quite amazing, but when you think deeper about it, it really makes sense. Developing and building an affordable premium for the client is a serious issue.

For instance, car insurance is one of the plainer and simple types of insurance you can calculate. It comes down to two major factors. First off, what is your driving experience and secondly, what is your driving history like? If both these questions come back solid, you are in for a cheap premium. Driving experience can only grow with age, so if you are just starting out, unfortunately you have no option but a high premium.

Driving history directly relates to driving experience. The more experienced you are, the longer your history. You can build an outstanding driving past, by staying out of accidents and avoiding speeding tickets. If your driving record limits or omits those two “no-no’s” then you’re in great shape.

It is your legal duty to report to insurance agencies any change in your driving status or if you are involved in an accident. When you sign up for car insurance, you sign a contract with the provider, promising to stay honest. People must also report stolen vehicles to the insurance provider as soon as possible. Stay honest with your provider and they will greatly appreciate it.

Never drink and drive. This should be a simple rule; however thousands of people neglect to do it everyday. Some get caught, while most get away. But if you do get caught, your driving history is forever scared. Your license is revoked and when you do earn it back, you will drive with an insanely high premium for years down the road.

If you respect he road and drive defensively, your premium will reflect that. When it comes time to renew a comprehensive car insurance policy, the driver can have some sway over their premium. For example, the driver can take advantage of their “no claims” bonus, reducing the premium by a percentage. The percentage increase every year the driver avoids a major offense or accident.

Getting into a car accident is a frightening moment. However, once is occurs and you find out everyone is safe, the question then becomes how am I going to pay for the damages? Some people will elect to have the insurance company cover the damages. Others will ignore insurance, because an accident claim will wipe out their “no claims” bonus.

Wouldn’t you like to save money? Of course you would, who could turn that offer down? So stop driving with reckless abandon, shape up, and earn a cheaper premium as the years progress.


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