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It is very necessary to insure one’s car as a safety measure. But is even more important to have a good knowledge regarding the car insurance premium as some times it can turn into a trouble. It is always recommended to do a thorough research and be well learnt about the car insurance policies before getting into one. The ignorance leads to paying of higher premium unnecessarily.

There are several factors that influence car insurance premium. Some of them as follows:

History of a Car

Premium of a car is decided on various contexts. To start with is the year of the car. Even the cost of the car components reflects in the premium that is if a particular car part is costly, then the premium will also go high. For example premium of a midsize sedan will lower premium than a sports car. Some of the body types like SUV, luxury cars have carries a higher maintenance resulting in high premiums.


The studies have come up with the results that compared to the male drivers, the women drivers are the safest. Presently, women drivers pay 40% lower premium than young male drivers. There is also another factor which influences the premium and that is the age. It is said that drivers falling in the age group 18-25 years are prone to higher risk and therefore the premium amount is higher compared to the other drivers above 25 years.


The location plays a very important role related to the insurance premium. As in the city the possibility of car accidents are higher, therefore the premium amount will be higher too compared to the rural areas. Cities where car theft and car accident is at a peak, insurance premiums are also at a great height.

Driving Behavior

As the per the rule, the insurer fixes a device in the car to scrutinize the driving behavior of the driver. Based on the on satellite and cellular phone technology, this helps to follow the driving violations and driving skills. Tough this is not practiced in India; it is a very sensible concept that has to be followed. And with the help of the device, if the insurer notices the increase in number of accidents and violation, them the person premium amount is increased.

Safety Devices

Some of the insurance firms offer special offers if the car is equipped with anti-theft and safety devices like alarm system, airbags, cruise control, and tyre pressure monitoring in their cars. With these features the car owners get lower insurance rates because their cars are less prone to accident damage or any kind of in-car injury.


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