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July 23, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 
Our car needs care because it is a vital part of our life. This is a hard fact that accidents happen and most of the car accidents change the actual beauty of the car. It’s not that cars are vulnerable only to accidents but they are also susceptible to car theft, vandalism or fire. Car insurance UK provides full financial security to the car owner against any such misfortune.

I am trying to provide you certain knowledge regarding car insurance UK. You can choose from three types of cover for your car insurance. These three types of cover are…

1. Third party fire & theft (TPF&T): The plan covers you if some other person claims against you for injury or damage to his car or its driver. It also covers you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. And this plan doesn’t cover your own car if it is damaged in an accident.

2. Comprehensive car insurance cover: Comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage caused to your car and damage or injury you cause to another vehicle or its driver. Further, this plan also covers loss of or damage to your car through fire or theft.

3. Third party only (TPO): this type of car insurance is the minimum legal level of insurance. Here the first two parties are the insurance company and the driver. Third party insurance covers your liabilities in respect of injuries to others (i.e. to your passengers and other persons not inside your car) and damage to other peoples’ property (e.g. the third party’s car, but not your own vehicle)


You can choose any car insurance plan according to your need. Now, you don’t need to visit insurance agents but you can shop for some of the best car insurance deals over the Internet also. You can see over there that various online car insurance companies are providing cheap car insurance. You can compare many insurance rates and avail the best car insurance deal for you.

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