Will my car insurance rate go up if I fix my own car?

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emailfordon asked:

I caused an accident; hit them from behind. My full coverage insurance is paying for the person I hit and told me to go get estimates for my car too. I know I will have to pay my deductible for my repairs, but will it affect my insurance rates in the future if I repair my car via my insurance? Or should I just get it fixed with my own money?

What is the average car insurance cost for a 20 year old in Maryland?

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car insurance
bap32211 asked:

I tried doing quotes but it asks for too much information. I dont wanna keep receiving calls from car insurance places annoying me to get it with them. I have a 1998 Chrysler Intrepid. Dodge i think? Doesnt Dodge own Chrysler? whatever, thats what it says on my registration.

Are there any car insurance companies that don’t use a social security # when determining your rates?

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♫♪~♥ Golden Lover ♥~♪♫ asked:

I think it is horrible that they base car insurance rates on your credit history. Having bad credit doesn’t make you a bad driver. If they are worried about you paying the bill, why do they make it HIGHER if you have bad credit? Isn’t that a little messed up?

Are there any companies that don’t do this?

Who is offering the best and cheapest car insurance in the uk?

October 16, 2017 · Posted in FAQ · 11 Comments 
car insurance
Fred Lloyd asked:

I am finding the ever increasing price of car insurance is becoming a bit of a burden. I am at present with one of the recovery companies and the costs are spiralling…..Help an old geezer out…PLEASE….Frederick.

How does a first time car buyer get insurance?

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car insurance
? asked:

I’m thinking about getting a car, used most likely. The question is how do I go about getting car insurance, I’m a first time car buyer btw?

Do I need it before I buy the car?

Am I able to buy it with the car?

How would I go about getting car insurance?


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