Cheap Teen Auto Insurance — How Your Kid Can Help

September 22, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The time comes when your little kid becomes a teen and wants to drive like others. While your response as a parent would be that of excitement, you also have other feelings. While you pray that your teen stays safe behind wheels, you’re also concerned that it would raise your costs. Add gas costs! As if that wasn’t tough enough, this teen driver could drive up your rate by as much as 200%. Thankfully, it’s NOT like the weather. You can do more than complain. You can take sure steps to pay less. Here are those steps…

I’ll just reel out a good number of tips before dwelling on just one…

1. It’s a very sensible move to have your teen contribute part of their premium. If you do this, you’ll find that your teen will be more like to take any advice from you that will help them drive down their payments (And such usually keep them safer too).

2. Make him/her a secondary driver on your oldest car (Such a car should be ok without comprehensive and collision coverage).

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3. Don’t allow your teen to learn driving from fellow teens. If that has, unfortunately, already happened, let them go for a class in defensive driving. Apart from the fact that this will save you on premium, it will help keep your teen and our roads safer.

4. Encourage your teen to take his/her studies seriously. Good grades will drive down their rate. Insurance companies have the belief that kids who maintain good grades are far less prone to recklessness behind wheels.

5. Kids who drive cars that have high safety ratings pay less on auto insurance.

6. Reduce the time your teen spends behind wheels to the minimum. Let the use the mass transit as often as possible. It will cut down mileage and reduce your rates. Furthermore, you’ll also save on gas!

7. Teens grew up with the internet and so are usually very good at finding their way around it. Let this work to your mutual benefit…

If you want to do extensive comparison shopping, then your teen can help you out. They have more time on their hands and are definitely more comfortable with the internet.

Just tell them that you want the best price to value ratio. Let them get and compare quotes up to five reputable sites.

Tell them to pick out the very best five or so quotes. Take some time out to see their shortlist and pick which gives you the best price/value. Some folks have saved over $1,000 by doing this right.

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