Cheaper Car Insurance – Have You Used These Tips?

October 27, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Are you committed to slashing your costs by reducing your insurance premium? Then your search stops here as this write-up will reveal adjustments you need to make and point you to all the resources you need to get the cheapest rates. I’ll share sure-fire steps for anyone to attract the cheapest rate for their profile and requirements. And this will be without downgrading the quality of coverage you enjoy. Here they are…

1. Do you know that you might be losing money if you have a car that you’ve not used for months? Do you have a car that you’ve just forgotten about because of the headaches it gives you or something? Have you removed it from your auto insurance policy?

Funny as it may seem, this is one reason some folks pay higher rates than they should. I hope this is not the case with you.

2. Make sure your auto insurance policy is not allowed to lapse for any reason.. Those who let that happen to them get more expensive rates for a long time. Don’t make room for this mistake while switching since that’s when this happens to a lot of folks.

To avoid a lapse, make sure that the new policy is fully in operational before you terminate the previous one. Many individuals are paying higher rates than they would otherwise simply because of this mistake. So do take care so you don’t become one of them.

3. Staying without making claims will result in a good driver discount. Several insurance providers do NOT give this without some pressure.

Your agent must be made to realize your dissatisfaction with their refusal to offer you this discount and don’t fail to stress that you will possibly leave for another insurer. Take it or leave it, every insurance company likes having folks who stay claims free for this long and you shouldn’t find it hard finding better rates with a host of other insurers.

But oftentimes the threat of leaving from you is enough to make them shift grounds.

4. Under-25 drivers pay very high rates. But for people who fall within this age group, getting good grades at school will go a long way to help you enjoy better rates. It’s called the good student discount.

You have to maintain a grade point of not less than B to get a good student discount. This will slash off as much as five percent from your rate if you meet eligibility requirements. This is so because insurance providers claim there is a correlation between good grades and a young person’s composure while driving. It’s difficult to meet reckless young drivers who maintain wonderful grades.

5. Are you retired? Then you can get a retiree discount with most insurance companies. The plain argument for this discount is that retirees usually drive less. This will definitely cut down anybody’s mileage.

Don’t forget that you are eligible for this discount if you are a retiree. You can find out eligibility requirements from your insurance agent. If for any reason they don’t have a retiree discount, don’t forget to tell your agent about the change in your mileage. You should get a lower rate if the difference in your mileage is considerable.

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