Cheapest Motor Car Insurance – Steps For Big Savings

October 24, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

It’s really very easy for everyone to get the right coverage for a lot less. You just need the right recommendations and the determination to practice what you’ll be taught to get a cheaper rate. Let’s look at a number of time-tested ways to get this done…

1. Drive carefully if you’re really serious about getting cheaper car insurance rates. Please, make sure you make it a policy to NOT drive if you even sip any alcoholic beverage.

Traffic offences that are related to having more than the permissible level of alcohol in your blood invariably make you get quite astronomical rates. And don’t forget little things like speeding tickets because they cost you far more than what you pay as fines. They add up to raise your rate. For your safety then and lower rates, never violate any traffic law no matter how negligible you think it is.

2. Those who have more than one vehicle will make considerable savings if they insure them all with the same insurance company. You are only advised to do otherwise if the sum of your rates with various insurance carriers is less than what you’ll be given with a multi-vehicle discount if you buy from one insurance company. Doing some shopping and then comparing with what you’ll get from a multi-vehicle discount is an easy way to know for sure if this is in your best interest. But if you don’t plan to shop around, you can rest assured that you’ll still save a bit with a multi-vehicle discount.

3. Having more than one policy with a given insurer equally gets you a considerable discount. That’s, for example, if you purchase your auto insurance policy from the same carrier which covers your home owners’ insurance.

However, you must be careful because that an insurance provider offered you low rates for a policy doesn’t mean that they will for another one. It’s recommended that you do comparison shopping. When you’re done, you won’t be be taking chances as you choose which to do since you’re positive about which saves you more.

4. People who don’t make claims for more than 3 years generally enjoy a special discount for it. But remember that not all insurers present this discount.

If your insurance provider is one of those who don’t give this discount let them know without mincing words that you’ll go to another provider. With this kind of driving record locating a much better rate is really quite easy because policy holders who stay claims free are every insurance provider’s dream.

Almost all insurers will do everything possible to ensure they do NOT lose you and this should result in a compromise on their part.

5. You are certainly spending too much if you have collision and comprehensive coverage types for an old car that isn’t a classic. The logic for this is that insurance carriers base the compensation they pay on what is referred to as the Kelly Blue Book value of a vehicle when you file claims. This means that without considering the amount you’ve spen on premiums and for how long you did, you may get absolutely nothing if this book declares the vehicle is worth nothing by the time you make a claim.

So, stop frittering away your hard-earned cash. Once a vehicle gets old, leave out collision and comprehensive coverage types on it. You will be saving much that way.

6. You’ll get a cheaper rate if you select higher deductibles. The best method is to choose the highest deductible that you can provide with a measure of ease.

I must emphasize that you’re bound by law to provide this amount whenever you make a claim.

7. Drive as little as possible as it will lower your mileage and qualify you for a low mileage discount. This certainly advisable if you reside in an urban area where you can use modern mass transit systems.

8. Carpooling is also another great way of bringing down your mileage.

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