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November 24, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

On average, over 100,000 drivers get speeding tickets every day. Thats 36,500,000 traffic tickets yearly.

One in every six drivers will be ticketed for speeding this year.

The average speeding ticket costs $150.00.

$150 x 36,500,000= $5,475,000,000! Thats almost 5.5 BILLION per year in speeding ticket fines.

The average raise in insurance costs for one speeding ticket over the course of 3 years is $900.00.

Take 36,500,000 and multiply by $900 and you get 3.28 BILLION ($3,285,000,000) in extra money made by insurance companies from increased auto insurance premiums.

Over 95% of people who receive a speeding ticket never contest it and just pay the fine.

A lot of the 5% who do fight their ticket will either get reduced charges, or the ticket dismissed altogether.

In the US there are almost 200 million licensed drivers.

Immediate grounds for dismissal of a traffic ticket is the officer not showing up to traffic court. This happens 40% of the time.

The first city in the US to use the photo radar was Paradise Valley, AZ in 1987.

In 1966 Brooklyn Ohio was the first city that mandated the use of seat belts.

The demographic that receives more speeding tickets are the 17 to 24 year drivers.

More males than females receive speeding citations.

Conversely more women than men will fight their traffic tickets.

17 year olds cause more traffic accidents than any other age.

In July 1879, two men are fined for speeding horses in Seattle.

The first automobile made by Henry Ford in 1894 only went forward.

At a London intersection in 1868, pedestrians and horse drawn buggies were the first to use traffic lights. They were lanterns that glowed either red or green.

Washington D.C. area photo radar cameras since 1999 have been responsible for almost 3,000,000 traffic tickets worth almost $200,000,000.

The first known speeding ticket was given to the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister in 1910. She was doing 10 miles an hour over the limit.

Speeding tickets are handed out to doctors more than any other type of profession.

In salary and benefits an average police officer will cost a city around $75,000 a year. He will also make the town an average of $150,000 in that same year. Cops are good investments.

The top ten states for writing speeding tickets are:

1. Ohio 2. Pennsylvania 3. New York 4. California 5. Texas 6. Georgia 7. Virginia 8. North Carolina 9. Massachusetts 10. Connecticut


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