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August 20, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Before choosing an auto insurance policy you need to define whether you need insurance only for private needs or both for private and business use. Besides you should fix the time terms. Vehicle insurance requirements may vary in different states. The insurance price is affected by some factors, such as the driving history, the age, and the car type. Here I describe you new and already known coverage types such as auto insurance for business, “gap” coverage, “no-fault”, short term and temporary auto insurance.

You will need business automobile insurance in a case you are a user of a vehicle for business. This policy makes you feel confident about the vehicles you have. Full business car insurance is also useful for professional trailer drivers. The way you use the car determines business coverage rates. Commercial auto policy compensates the damage caused by fire, flood, vandalism, windstorms, theft and disasters. Besides business policy provides all the common options such as liability and collision/comprehensive coverage.

You will need gap auto insurance if you loan or lease a car, and it gets stolen or destroyed by flood, hurricane, accident, fire, vandalism act or theft as a gap appears between the market price your insurance company covers and the amount of the debt for the lease/loan of the car. Gap auto insurance secures the inequality recovered in case of complete loss. Therefore you need this insurance when you lease an auto or bought it and already made the initial payment for it. Sometimes the lease or loan contract already contains this option.

No fault auto policy is made for dealing with drivers who have no insurance and unable to recover the loss in case such a driver is at fault of the accident. The first party benefit payment is named personal injury protection. You can also bring an action against the driver guilty for the accident in order to get full refund if your medical costs are significantly higher than the policy compensation. But “no fault” rules have also some specific requirements For example a driver can advance a claim for suffering and serious injuries. The threshold is determined by the type of the injury. There are such types of the requirements expression like a verbal threshold (verbal description of injury demands), and a monetary threshold (total sum of medical charges).

Short term auto insurance can be very effective for you especially if you have a moving truck. Short term car policy ensures the compensation for a time period you need. If you travel by car or just borrow a vehicle you will need the short term auto insurance. Short term car policy and the full-length policy have the same options as full medical services, collision repair and reflect liability compensation. The compensation amount of the short-time auto insurance policies is the same while the time may vary.

When you don’t need to use a vehicle permanently, e. g. if you wish to take your friend’s auto for a trip, this policy would be suitable. Another case is when you’ve purchased a car but you haven’t decided which full insurance policy you want, you may use temporary car insurance. The usual auto insurance coverage lasts for one year. And this policy is valid for 1 – 28 days and includes such options as “Third Party” and “Fully Comprehensive”. But full-length cover shouldn’t be replaced with temporary policy for long, as this type of insurance is offered particularly for emergencies.


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