Choosing the Right Vehicle for Affordable Car Insurance Policy

January 12, 2017 · Posted in General 
Today, the type of vehicle you have may be the reason why you are getting or not getting an affordable car insurance policy. On a higher note, it’s actually THE most important reason. Today, it’s not anymore a matter of looks and flair but safety will also feature a more important role in getting affordable car insurance policies. Choosing your car wisely will not only depend on what you and your family needs but also what will make affordable car insurance payments. 

1. Safety

This will be one of the most important attributes of your car for you to get an affordable car insurance policy. Companies consider cars that are “crashworthy” less expensive to insure. Repairs would be minimal as well as any injuries sustain by the drivers and passengers lesser compared to other vehicles. Cars with airbags and a more stable frame can be considered great buys in terms of savings.

2. Image is not everything

Cars that look and feel great do not necessarily mean the same in your car insurance company’s perspective. Affordable car insurance premiums are less likely if you are purchasing convertibles and luxury sedans. High-speed vehicles are especially prone to being more likely to be in an accident than sensible four-door utility vehicles. Safety features also take a backseat when it comes to these types of vehicles.

3. Security systems

There are a number of vehicles that come ready and equipped with a security system. Vehicles with GPS devices on board can be easily tracked if stolen. Anti/theft and alarm devices are very popular features with car insurance companies. Affordable car insurance can be offered to you if you have these features in your vehicle.

4. Coverage

There are comprehensive coverage that some companies offer ranging from theft, natural events, flooding, vandalism and other occurrences. The more affordable car insurance policies only cover the most basic collision and damage repair. You need to look at your automobile to determine what type of car insurance policy you will get. If your car is brand new, it would be prudent to cover a more comprehensive one but if it is a second-hand vehicle, it would be wiser to just get the basic and more affordable car insurance policy with the limited coverage.

5. Car models

Whenever you purchase a car, the car model should be considered. There are certain cars that are more likely to be stolen or more expensive to insure. You have to understand that the more expensive the car, the more expensive the car insurance premiums you have to expect. Some older automobile models are also popular theft targets because of their parts.

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