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October 3, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

If you are going to use your van for commercial purposes you will need commercial van insurance. Among commercial insurance policies there are different packages which cover various aspects of travel. If your business takes you abroad by road and you have to carry goods in your van then you will need a special kind of insurance policy for your van.

Commercial van insurance in Europe is a type of cover that enables your vehicle to be legal for the countries your visit within the EU. You should inform you insurance company of all the countries you visit to ensure you have the right policy. You may also want to take European breakdown cover into consideration at the same time.

When you are looking to buy commercial van insurance you need to inform the insurance providers of everything you use your vehicle for. You don’t want to go to put a claim in and find you have not got the right type of cover. Most businesses will not be able to afford the repairs to a vehicle and having it off the road costs even more. Commercial van insurance can be cost effective if you have the correct type of cover. If you make sure that you inform the provider of all the relevant information then you may find you save money! If you decide on a provider most of them will offer a call back service were one of their advisors will call you and talk you through your policy. You can find out the benefits of the deal that is on offer plus the drawbacks.

When you get commercial van insurance you are covered against risks, you should also get cover for the goods in transit and any passengers you have in your van. Goods in transit insurance will normally be offered to you at the time you purchase your commercial van insurance. Comprehensive cover will provide you with cover in the case of damage to you or your vehicle and also include repairs to the other vehicle involved! Fully comprehensive commercial van insurance cover will be different with each company. Some will include the goods and tools that are stored in your vehicles, others will charge extra for this. Always buy the most cover you can afford, buying cheap might not be a good deal in the long run.

Commercial van insurance like all types of insurance offers different types including third party fire and theft. This covers is pretty self explanatory if covers your vehicle form fire and theft. It also covers another vehicle if it is involved. It does not cover you if your vehicle is damage and it was your fault. This type of cover is pretty basic but most insurers will allow you to add in content insurance for an added cost.

The lowest level of commercial van insurance is third party cover. This also the cheapest cover. This level of cover only covers a third party. If your van has caused the accident then your insurance provider will pay for the damage to the other vehicle and or people involved. You should only consider this level of cover if you can not afford any of the other two. If you can afford more cover it is advisable. It is the lowest form of cover and although it is enough to keep you out of trouble legally you will be in for a big bill if anything happens to your vehicle.

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