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December 6, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

The best way to adequately protect vehicles dedicated for business or commercial use is to buy commercial vehicle insurance for every vehicle in this category. The insurance is meant to cover damage and losses in the event of fire, accident, or traffic incident.

Notwithstanding the unique realities underlying the insurance of commercial vehicles, there are still a number of choices for insuring commercial vehicles. In some of areas, there is more risk involved in the commercial vehicle business, but this needs to be factored into any proposal for insurance.

Commercial vehicle insurance is highly recommended and is considered essentail for businesses that make use of vehicles in transporting people or any type cargo. It is prudent to get professional advice from a qualified insurance agent who specializes in commercial vehicle insurance about the specific needs and uses of each type of commercial vehicle.

There are some factors you need to establish to make an informed decision when purchasing commercial vehicle insurance. You’ll need to determine what the vehicle is to be used for. Is it for transporting only goods? Does it include delivery of packages of some sort? Who handles the driving? Is it the owner or an employee hired for that purpose?

What primarily is the vehicle to be used for? Transporting people, taking delivery of packages or conveying hazardous materials like chemicals or flammable materials will all have different underwriting requirements and will impact your rates, Other considerations may include whether the vehicle is equipped with cranes, towing for hire, trucking – local and long haul, and driver classifications.

A commercial vehicle insurance policy should go beyond just the basics for injury or liability. Important to the discussion of commercial vehicle insurance is claims for not only property damage, bodily injury or the loss of life or limb, but your company’ s liability for the same. Even where the driver may have personal liability, as the owner/operator of the vehicle, liability may attach to the business as well, thereby jeopardizing your business unless the proper coverages are in place.

You’d be in for a rude awakening if you forgo proper commercial vehicle insurance on a vehicle used for commercial purposes. Insurance is one area of your business you should never skimp on. The potential for disaster is too great, both in the sense of liability for damages or injury and the loss of a business asset.

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