Comparation Between New And Used Cars

May 4, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Before you consider buying a new car, consider what buying a new car will mean to your future transportation and financial needs. The largely held opinion of new car buyers is that they will not have to worry about the vehicle breaking down, thinking that they will keep your car for 10 years and only put around 120,000 miles on it.

The first problem with this train of though is that often all cars break down. It doesn’t matter if they have 100,000 miles or 100 miles on the odometer, these mechanical means of transportation have unforeseen problems of all kinds, and it is very difficult to predict how often or when a car will have problems from the first 100,000 miles.

Cars are simply machines, and as long as they’re cared for correctly, they’ll continue to run smoothly. Even if you get lucky and your new car does not break down, you’ll still need to spend money on regular service, recalls, and service bulletin actions if you would like it to stay in good shape.

Could you imagine the cars people might be driving 10 years down the road? Think about what kind of computers people today were using just five years ago. In reality that you will most likely want a change before that.

Used cars could be just as nice as new cars. Many car owners take excellent care with their automobiles, and you can hardly detect the use of some used cars. Consider the fact that a new car loses a considerable amount of its value as soon as you drive it home. Why spend that extra investment, when you will see no return?

If you can get up to date while using value depreciation of the new car in 7 or 8 years, you can do just as well getting a one or two year old car and holding on to it for five. Not to mention the fact that you will spend less money on a used car to begin with. You have to really think about your reasons for wanting to buy a brand new car. Is that really what you need? Take a look at some used cars first, and you will see some amazing used cars out their weighting for the new home


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