Why the Low Cost Car Insurance Provider is Different

October 17, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

As with any consumer looking to lower price goods or services, there is a healthy level of skepticism on how good something can be if the price that is asked for is low. This also extends to the car insurance industry as clients look to low cost car insurance products with a healthy level of skepticism. Many think that car insurance products that are sold at lower costs have some sort of inherent problem. We can certainly understand this concern and we hope that we can guide potential users in the right direction with regard to cut priced car insurance products.

The first problem that has to be addressed is that car insurance products that have low costs aren’t all bad. There are some that are good and genuinely provide very good coverage at an extremely competitive price while there are those that compromise on the quality of coverage and also have horrible pay-out ratios just to keep prices down. The market is abounding with each of these types of low cost car insurers. It is up to the consumer to determine which ones are the good ones and which are the ones are to be avoided.

We are going to go through the some of the characteristics of a good low cost car insurance company so you can better recognize them when you see them. One of the universal truths about budget car insurance providers is that they have very limited advertising budgets. Naturally, if their budget for advertising were large, then they would have to pass on the costs to their clients and thus not giving them the low cost car insurance policy that they seek. Most of them would be from unheard of companies or your regular neighborhood insurance agency who only advertise on the local papers etc. You would certainly never hear of them over the TV or in multi-national magazines etc.

Car insurance agencies that focus on low cost policies also generally aren’t very fancy when it comes to their offices, frills etc. One of the best ways is to have a look at their operations and office centers. They normally have small offices with workers running around like busy bees. They do not have some fancy address in the middle of the city centre. They generally have relatively spartan offices and don’t have an air of pretentiousness when you enter the office. It is very much down to business with them.

As an extension of that, car insurance companies that focus on the budget insurance market are almost always small companies that are striving to work their way to something bigger. The will generally have their offices situated in the suburbs and will not be a company that you will instantly recognize or have even heard off. They keep their office operations small so they can keep costs to an absolute minimum and pass on the savings to their customers in terms or lower cost premiums.

Most low cost car insurance companies are also new start-up companies which have only been around for a few years. It is very rare that you will find an old company that does low cost insurance deals. If you pay a visit to their office you will be able to find out if this is the case. There are however exceptions, the first is if a established insurance company is going through a rebranding exercise, they could be expanding their market reach downwards and offering very good deals to entice new customers their way. If you have identified one of the low cost car insurance providers that is just a start-up, it is your responsibility to find out how trustworthy they are and if their pay-out ratios are good. Start-up insurance companies have a bad habit of giving too good a deal in the front-end and being unable to cover their end of the bargain at the back-end.

Low cost car insurance providers are also very specific in the products that they offer, namely car insurance and only car insurance. They don’t venture into other finance items and have very few product options available. They certainly do not try to sell you “rider” products where you get a special discount if you sign up to multiple products all at once. They generally don’t have special deals or prepackaged product lines. They will sell you their low cost coverage and that only. This is quite different with larger full service insurance companies who will try to relieve their customers of as much money as possible. Smaller overworked budget car insurance companies will only concentrate on keeping their premiums low so customers are attracted back to them. They do not have the time to sell you other associate products as they themselves have a very limited product range.

The low cost car insurance provider is a very different animal compared to the full service insurance providers. Some larger institutional insurance providers may try to pass themselves off as budget providers but always fall short when it comes to the price of the car insurance coverage. It is up to you, the car insurance customer, to find the right provider for you. Just because the price is right, doesn’t mean the coverage is adequate.

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