Details of Insurance Policies for Caravans

September 21, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Getting your caravan is insured is a vital step to take in order to protect you from any costs that may be incurred by accidental damage to your caravan, or by damage from theft or bad weather.

Most caravan insurance policies will cover damage done to your caravan by bad weather, theft, accidental or malicious damage, fire and flooding.

Your removable belongings inside the caravan will also be covered up to a limit that would have been predefined in your policy (usually 300).

The possessions cover is intended to cover items that would normally be left in the caravan, such as furniture, cutlery, curtains and so on. Normally money and credit cards, jewellery and other valuables are excluded and should be covered on the all risks section of your household contents policy.

Insurance is there for circumstances out of your control, however you do have a responsibility to take care of your property to the best of your ability, for example by locking the caravan up at all times you are away from it. There will be no cover if you leave it open or if you leave your belongings out in the open.

The same applies to your actual caravan, i.e. if it gets stolen and you did not fit it with a wheel clamp and a hitch lock, you will have no cover.

There may also be some restrictions on the caravan site. Some insurers for example may insist that your caravan must be parked in a registered caravan holiday park, or that your chosen site is concealed by hedges or fencing around the edges, and so there may be different security requirements with different policies, it is worth thoroughly reading your policy through to ensure that you will be covered at your preferred destination.

You may be able to include damage to awnings at a small extra charge, usually there is a restriction on the age of the awning that can be covered, typically awnings that are more than seven years old cannot be covered.

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