Determining how much car insurance will rise after an accident?

September 19, 2017 · Posted in FAQ 
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Amber <3 asked:

I was in a car accident recently, my fault, and I totaled my car. The truck I hit has only $175 of damages on it. So how will my insurance company determine how much my insurance will go up? Do they just go on how much damage they have to pay for on the other car? Or do they raise it because I’m not a “safe driver” and I’m now more liable to be in more accidents?

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  1. Me K on November 19th, 2009 1:02 am

    I got into a wreck about 7 weeks ago..same thing, my fault and I was scared they would cancel me. I worried all weekend about it and when I called the local office on Monday morning…they said, not to worry about it and my rates weren’t going to go up. I done more damage than that to their car, but I totaled mine. My insurance costs me $33.00 a month and it’s a bit higher than state law liability. I also ended up having to be checked at the hospital because my forehead was nothing but knots..My insurance covered that as well. They pretty much insisted, I be checked out…that was about a $2,000 visit because they had to do a MRI. This wasn’t my first wreck. 2 years ago a woman side-swiped me and the cop did not ticket either one of us even though I had a wittiness. Then the next day a woman ran a red light and damn near killed my son and totaled the car I was driving then. Which she was sited and sued. I am settling now. The car I just totaled only had 67,000 miles on it…UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a very defensive driver, I can’t believe I was so stupid!!!!!!!! I’m lucky I didn’t kill her or myself. Some insurance places offers accident forgiveness…Mine doesn’t advertise, they are just really good people, local insurance ran agency. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  2. David L on November 20th, 2009 4:29 pm

    It depends on the total payout. If they had to pay for your totaled car, they can raise your rates to recover their total losses. If you try to change insurance companies, the claim will follow you.

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