Discount Auto Insurance — 5 Sure-Fire Tips

November 6, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

There are a lot of ways open to everyone who wants to enjoy low cost insurance. But while some of them might save you some money, they could leave you with insufficient coverage. However, in this article, I’ll take you through a few time-tested steps for paying less while you have adequate coverage….

1. If you want to keep your rates down, do NOT “pimp your ride.” If you want to impress your friends with those extra special features like bigger types than the manufacturer’s specification, then be prepared to pay a lot more. So if you’re really serious about keeping your rate down, leave your car the way it was manufactured.

2. Do you know that some folks are paying much more in auto insurance because of where their homes are? Also note that a neighbor not too far away might fall under a lower crime zone than you — This affects rates.

Therefore, take your time to ask your agent what effect your new zip code would have on your rates before you make that down payment. The truth is that most people don’t think about this when they are about buying a home.

Remember, you might live in this home for up to 20 years or more. If its location makes you pay up to $200 more in premium, that will add up to $4,000 within that time frame.

3. A lot of folks have lost their cars in the short seconds that they took to dash inside to get something while leaving their cars running and unlocked. Don’t make this mistake. The only easier thing for a thief would be if you handed over your keys as a gift. Remember, they look for easy targets. It certainly doesn’t get easier for a thief than an unlocked car with a running engine.

4. An option for you is to use your parents’ car insurance policy. Your parents certainly belong to a lower risk age group.

You must remember that the vehicle must be registered in their name and you must be living with them if you want to take advantage of this option. This means that by law they own the vehicle. If the benefits of “independence” outweigh your car insurance savings then this is definitely not alternative for you.

5. Do your best to always drive responsibly. You’ll be making a smart decision to always avoid being behind the wheels if you take alcohol.

Driving while drunk, even if slightly will make you pay exorbitant rates if you’re fortunate or be made to stay without auto insurance if luck isn’t on your side. While alcohol-related traffic offences have very clear and grave repercussions, speeding tickets will as well make you pay much more if they become frequent. You’ll be helping yourself if you obey all traffic laws at all times.

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