Do Not Allow The Excess in Insurance Confuse You

November 1, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Trying to find the right automobile insurance that fits your needs can be a major pain in the neck. But, you have to have it if you are operating a motor vehicle, so you might as well know a few terms to help you understand exactly what you are buying.

An ?excess? is simply the amount of money the insured person will have to pay before the insurance company compensates in any way. The sum of the deductible is sometimes calculated involving three situations. One how the wreck happened. Two, how much damage was caused. The third being, the danger risk level of the operator that is covered.

When you are considered high risk, that doesn’t mean you have done any bad driving. If you have just started operating a vehicle, you are a high risk. Look for an insurance company that will be willing to raise a deductible. Usually an insurance company will negotiate and raise the set deductible amount, to enable a less expensive monthly obligation.

When you receive a quote on an insurance policy, you will have to provide a copy of a record of driving history. Accidents, violations, etc, will be included. The only way to clean up a motor vehicle operators record, is time. The more time that passes without a violation or accident will cancel out the red marks included on the driving record, in turn will lower the price of a monthly premium and a deductible as well.

You may not decide to set a deductible that is not something you can afford. There is another negotiation tactic that can be used in this case. Ask your representative if you can set your time set payments to be a little higher, in order to lower the amount that will be subtracted from a lump sum for repairs, in case of a crash.

Typically, young drivers do not have the financial stability to afford a big monthly payment that is attached to a lower deductible. For these types it is most common to increase the amount of money paid at the time of the crash, than to pay it in monthly amounts.

Usually, there are minor fender benders that do not harm anyone or anything involved. Such as a driver bumps another driver that was sitting still. When both parties agree there is no harm done. There does need to be a claim filed with the insurance company. This will mean there is not an accident recorded on the driving record. When an estimated cost of repairs, is higher than the deductible, it is wise to not report this incident to the insurance company.


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