Do You Need A Lower Insurance Rate?

October 4, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Proper insurance coverage is not only prudent, it is mandated by law in nearly every part of the country.Insurance rates are dependent on the skill and driving record of everyone using the insured vehicle. If teenagers with a brand new license are added to the list of potential pilots, very often the rates take a dramatic turn upwards.

The reason is simple. New drivers don’t have a safety record to consider when setting policy rates, and insurance companies have to rely on the statistics concerning new teenage drivers.Unfortunately, these statistics are not good.Teenage drivers are involved in an inordinate amount of accidents each year.Solutions?Work with your teenager to help make them a better driver.

Extra hours of training not only helps your teenager become a better driver, but they can reduce the negative effect on your car insurance once your child gets a operator’s license.Look for a course with a lot of simulator training. These devices have been shown to help train the driver in proper decision making without the risk of actually causing an accident in the real world. For most students, these skills transfer easily and quickly when put behind the wheel of a real car.

When your teen gets his or her learning permit, don’t be too quick to take them out on the street. Instead, let them drive around an empty parking lot where there is no traffic to distract them. The parking lines can be made to represent parked cars, curbs, oncoming traffic and other road hazards.

Consider additional coursework if it is available in your area. Taking a class in hazardous driving not only teaches your teen how to handle slippery road conditions but can reduce your rates as well.Remember that you are an additional source of driver’s training.


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