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August 9, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

When you look at car insurance, one of the important factors to look at is the underwriting of the policy. Underwriting, as it pertains to an auto insurance policy, is one of the most misunderstood parts. Having a good understanding of this concept will also help you better understand your auto insurance policy as a whole. Here is some information that will help you see what underwriting is and how is pertains to your insurance policy.

Credit Score is important.Your personal credit history helps an insurer determine how reliable you will be with your payments and, believe it or not, how likely you are to file a claim. Research tells them that the better the credit score, the less likely the chances of having to pay out for an accident. Insurance Score is important. This is a number derived in part from your credit score. A negative score does not mean you can not get insurance; it may, however, increase your premium. Insurance companies calculated a “loss ratio” – total claim settlements divided by total premiums you have paid. The lower this ratio is, the lower your premiums will be.

Personal Factors are important. There are many personal variables that help determine the quote an insurer gives to a potential customer. Age, education, car make and model, the neighborhood of residence, gender, and even personal associations can affect the quote you receive. Keep in mind that these differ for every person. People may drive the same type of car, but if one is a 45-year old woman and the other a 21-year man, their quotes will vary greatly.

AAA- Known for very low rates and unparalleled reliability standards. Allstate- Very comprehensive and easy to use policies. Geico- Very popular auto insurance provider with a talking lizard mascot. Esurance- Offers great deals to people who only want the minimum legal coverage for auto insurance.

When offering you a quote for car insurance, car insurance companies will likely respond differently. Despite the fact that they access the same information – personal and financial – an inaccuracy in information from different credit agencies, slightly different equations to determine insurance scores, or the financial situation of the company, can alter the quote they give you. The lesson is, of course, that you should take the time to get several quotes from different insurance companies. Otherwise you will not know if the next one is lower.


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