Do You Really Need Rental Car Insurance? Here’s When

March 7, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

There are some instances that you have to go out of town and drive a rented vehicle. In these instances, you should always make allowances for any accidents that might occur while spending your time away either on business or on vacation. That is what rental car insurance is for.

However, in most instances, you would be asked whether you actually need this or not. To answer that question, you must have some strong knowledge about auto insurance before making any decisions.

If you are going away on vacation and happen to use a rental vehicle, the deductible that is on your present car insurance could apply to the rented car. If you have comprehensive vehicle coverage, then your rental will ultimately be covered with the highest possible coverage.

However, if you have canceled your comprehensive coverage for your own vehicle, more than likely your rented car would not be covered. Comprehensive coverage is well needed especially if at anytime there is a vehicular accident or theft involved that causes property damage or any physical injuries. This is when you should get in contact with your provider and see if your rental vehicle is covered before you actually purchase it with the rental company.

However, if you don’t have any kind of insurance, rental car insurance should give a peace of mind, especially after being away from home. If you do not have any coverage, then this will lessen your worries when you are driving down the street.

This will ensure not only the safety of your passengers, but also the safety of yourself. Before you check anywhere else, you need to see if your credit card company offers car insurance primarily for rented cars.

Many times your credit card will offer you outstanding coverage that involves damage to the rental, loss or even any damage to the third party involved.

Make sure you exhaust all of these options first and if there are no other choices for you then you can purchase your rental car insurance from the car rental company.

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