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Along with the city of Dubai its insurance industry to has been growing at a rapid rate over the last few years. There are a number of insurance companies present in Dubai, most of which are small and local enterprises, catering to the needs of the residents as well as visitors to the city. The insurance policies followed in Dubai are similar to those in the Western Countries. Car insurance happens to be among the most common insurance policies that are offered by the insurance agencies.

Car insurance protects the insured party from losses involving the usage of their vehicle. The different types of coverage that is available and may be bought includes Medical payments

Collision caused physical damage , Damage to property , Medical expenses , Bodily injury cover

All personal insurance covers, which include car insurance, are means to fulfilling are daily needs. If you wish to drive your own car in Dubai, you first need to get it insured for only then can you get it registered in Dubai. As such, as least a third party insurance cover is a legal requirement for your car in Dubai. For this, you may get in touch with any one of the numerous third party brokers that are there in Dubai. But keep in mind that the car and not the driver are insured in this case.

The insurance figure that is calculated by the insurer depends on the car model, and is available at the showroom itself from where the car is bought. The insurers look at the manufacturing year of the car, its chassis number and also its price. A good deal would hover around a 4% to 7% rate. However, find out the cost of the insurance cover and also the premium amount that you would be paying before you sign up for the deal.

The benefits that you can on insuring your car in Dubai are as follows

An off road cover for your car , Guaranteed repairs for your car. , 24X7 accident and recovery service , A simple and easy to go through procedure , Family members get a third party cover , Emergency medical expenses , Personal injury cover for the driver , And also optional insurance covers for an additional amount

Insurance besides being a legal requirement in Dubai is also the simplest way for people to cover for losses as a result of vehicle damage. Thus in case of absence of a proper insurance policy for your car, you run the risk of having to bear the entire cost in case of any damage caused to others or your car.

Car insurance types available in Dubai are:

Third party, Theft & Fire also known as TPFT, Comprehensive and Fully Comprehensive , Comprehensive with options , Comprehensive premium level

One should always go through a long list of car insurance companies before settling for any one. Also seek personal opinions about that company from others. This is so that the company you select is the one which gives the maximum level of satisfaction and customer services. Also note that luxury cars, cars that are 5 years old or more, and people below 25 especially males find it hard to get a car insurance for themselves and if they do, then it comes pretty expensive I.e. it will cost you more than the usual insurance rates. Most importantly, driving you car after drinking and then crashing it means no insurance benefits for you.

For a person looking for cheaper deals, visiting an insurance broker is a good idea. Many banks too provide brokerage service in Dubai. Also, one can look to bargain and negotiate with insurance companies for cheaper deals. For an overseas person get a no claims bonus certificate that is original. This is because these certificates fetch a discount of 0% to 40% on the original rate in Dubai.

The best process is to shop around for best bargains including looking on the internet. Also look for policies which do not include what you do not require. Pay the premium annually and get a garage for your car. Another thing is to inform and keep your insurance agent updated with all your latest information.

So shop around for a car insurance policy and get yourself one if you wish to drive legally in Dubai.

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