Fighting Traffic Tickets Can Cost Money, Try To Avoid Getting Them

April 12, 2017 · Posted in General 

If you want to know how to fight traffic tickets, try to not get them. Traffic tickets can cost a person a small fortune. Not that the ticket itself is not bad enough, but it only scratches the surface. Too many will increase insurance rates, and even sometimes cause insurance cancellation. If you are able to find another company that will take you, the cost will be outrageous. Missed work, loss of license, loss of vehicle, and job, are all potential outcome of too many tickets.

First and foremost, when you see the blue lights flashing behind you, and/or hear the siren, which ever happens first, pull over. Never pretend that you think they are following someone else. Remember, failure to yield to a police vehicle (even if they are following someone else) pretty much will guarantee you a ticket. Use common sense about where to pull over. Do not stop in the middle of an intersection, for example. Find a safe spot, signal that you are exiting the road, and pull over. Now, put on the hazard lights. This will show your concern for the safety of other vehicles on the road.

If you have the radio on, turn it off immediately. Do not just turn it down, shut it off. Otherwise it may appear to have been a distraction, or even an act of disrespect.

As soon as you are stopped safely and the radio is off, open the window. You should not wait to be asked to do this. Have your license and registration nearby. If you do not, tell the officer where they are, when asked for them. Then ask if you may get them. Never just reach into the back seat, or even the glove box without permission. Remember, this is what they bad guys do when they are retrieving a weapon.

Keep all passengers quiet and seated while the officer is at your vehicle. Do not allow anyone, including yourself to attempt to open any doors. Some individuals have made this mistake, and it did not end well.

Most police officers will begin by asking you if you know why you have been stopped. The answer to this question is never yes. This is unless the car is on fire… Always allow the officer to tell you why you have been stopped. Be apologetic for the situation. If you are stilled issued a ticket, do not simply pay it, plead not guilty. Keep in mind that the longer you can delay the court date, the better your chances are of winning by default. Do not lie if you must go to court. Have a concrete explanation as to why you are not guilty.

Above all else, use common sense, and impeccable manners. It is surprising how many people get out of a traffic ticket because they behaved like a decent person.

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