Florida SR22 Insurance Requirements: Why Are SR22 Insurance Policies Necessary?

June 27, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Any drivers who have been caught driving without proper car insurance coverage, or any drivers who have been in severe accidents, or received other major citations while driving, are likely going to face Florida SR22 insurance requirements. Basically, this type of policy requires that the insurer of the policy informs the DMV about the status of the policy at all times.

Most people who are required to submit SR 22 forms are drivers who once drove without a proper amount of insurance coverage. As you may already know, drivers on the road without proper financial coverage present a serious risk to other drivers on the road. Any driver who does not have a proper amount of insurance coverage and happens to accidentally hit another car will have no financial coverage to make up for the damages.

Since car accidents often cause a significant amount of damage to private property, a driver who happens to get into a car accident without a proper amount of coverage may end up costing an unprepared bystander a considerable amount of money overall. Since drivers who attempt to drive vehicles without an appropriate amount of coverage pose such a significant risk to other drivers and individuals, the DMV has enforced very stringent laws upon the drivers of vehicles who have proven that they are unable to be trusted when it comes to maintaining their insurance policies.

There are many different reasons why individuals must purchase SR 22 insurance policies today. The primary reason why people must purchase this type of insurance policy is due to the fact that they are not to be trusted when it comes to maintaining their insurance policy. Other people who may have to submit this type of insurance policy may simply have a number of outstanding traffic citations, or they may have even incurred a DUI violation as well.

The basic purpose of this type of insurance is to help the DMV remain updated about the status of every high risk driver in each state. When a driver has to submit an SR 22 form in order to legally drive, the DMV will be informed at all times when the driver is insured and not insured. This constant updating ensures that all high-risk drivers will maintain the right amount of coverage when they are on the road.

Even though it is not legal to operate a motor vehicle without insurance coverage, the DMV will not be informed of the fact that they have no insurance coverage. If you attempt to drive without insurance coverage when you have an SR 22 insurance policy though, it is likely that you will be driving with a suspended license if you do not keep your policy valid.

The only way you can reinstate your driver’s license at this point is by simply reinstating your SR 22 insurance policy. As soon as you reinstate your policy, the company that is providing your insurance policy will submit an SR 22 form informing the DMV that your insurance policy is valid once again. Once the DMV is aware of the fact that you do indeed have insurance coverage at the present time, they will reinstate your license to a valid status as well.

It may seem like Florida SR22 insurance requirements are a hassle for drivers to deal with, or that this process is not absolutely necessary though. The DMV mandates this process, because the drivers who must submit SR 22 forms have proven themselves to be high-risk drivers. If these drivers were not to be tracked by the DMV, it is likely that they would attempt to drive without a proper amount of insurance once again. If these drivers drive without a proper amount of insurance, they could pose a significant risk to other drivers on the road today. So, SR 22 forms can significantly reduce the amount of risk other drivers face from uninsured drivers.


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