Getting A Lawyer For An Car Accident Case In California

August 26, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Certainly even you don’t think it’s all too complicated do you? You are driving within speed limits on your own lane and another driver backed right into the side of your SUV, denting the door shut, losing his own tail lights, and having the bumper lost in there somewhere. But things don’t seem too bad when you get out of your car and he out of his; and he apologizes for being such a klutz and setting it all off; and you give him your insurance info, and he gives you his; and you both get back in and drive off. Imagine your surprise the when after you have waited for them to contact you for quite a while what you get is a mail that orders you to appear in court – you should have been the one suing!

Nah, you don’t think it’s much of a big deal, do you? You may have thought so then, but you might beg to differ now, which is not too strange when you shed the light of auto accidents on American roads upon it – always complicated. If you aren’t very careful here, you could lose the entire case and be found liable for the repairs to the other person’s car as well as yours, although at one time you presumed you could never be mistaken for the one at fault.

Is there anyone that could commit them all to memory? Truth is, you can’t; but at least your auto accident lawyer can. Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety constantly reveal that the state of California has the highest automobile accident and fatalities rates in the country, closely followed by Texas. In 2002 alone, there were 3,643 fatal motor vehicle crashes with 4,078 deaths in California, compared to Texas’ 3,255 and 3,725 respectively. For this reason California state highway laws are among the most stringent in the country, and you simply should never try to navigate your own way through them without an auto accident lawyer.

Gillin Jacobson Ellis & Larsen is largely considered to be one of the better known law firms that manage personal injuries and car accidents in California; like the Henke Law Group too, California Auto Accident Lawyers for Northern Ca. and Southern Ca., who deal in Serious Injury Attorneys for vehicles and Motorcycle Accident, and cover the area of San Francisco, and that is only starting to count them off. Several others can be located and contacted through websites like, or with the aid of a proficient search engine.

It would help to introduce special approaches and ways of operating automobiles so as to lower the death rate caused by accidents, lower the incidence of car accidents, and lower the amount of assets that are damaged in the process; although I daresay someone or something would still have answer for the incidents that still take place nonetheless. If you are liable, you should pay, but not more than you should; and if you are not, you should totally be let go; and you might lose out on your slim chance at having things go your way if your attorney is not by your side when the legal chips fall down in California State.


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