High Risk Drivers And Auto Insurance

January 5, 2018 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

Shopping for car insurance can be frustrating for high risk drivers. Insurance companies typically will charge more or may even deny coverage to those drivers with unsavoury pasts. If you find yourself in this position, be sure to get quotes from several companies to ensure that you are getting the best rate.

There are many different factors that may contribute to the classification of high-risk drivers. Nevertheless, the driving record is the most important factor in determining risk. If you have already participated in several accidents during the year or within two or three years, these incidents have a negative impact on your record, even if they are not your fault. Being involved in any accident can deem you scorcher with a penchant for getting into dangerous situations. In addition, if you got a few speeding tickets, you also increase the risk to get in an accident. You can be labelled high-risk drivers only on the number of speeding tickets you have received.

When it comes to auto insurance, a lot of factors contribute to labelling an applicant as a high risk. You might find to your chagrin that many of these are beyond your control. Men, for instance, are considered a higher risk than women, and city dwellers are considered a greater risk than those who live in the suburbs or in rural areas. Furthermore, you’ll probably be charged a higher rate if you own a new car than those who have older vehicles.

Your car insurance rates can be affected by your credit score and history. A low credit score will mean higher premiums for your vehcile insurance. Insurance companies also check to see if you have had continual coverage for gaps in coverage can mean you were driving uninsured. This is a factor in designating your premium because of the danger and illegality of driving without insurance.

Sometimes it takes years of clean driving to change a driver labelled high risk to low risk, but it is possible. Most companies require three years of a clean driving record. If you have three years with a clean driving record you can begin to work your way back to getting budget auto insurance rates. You should consider that three years worth of high premiums will begin to be quite costly over time. If you are considered a high-risk driver there are other ways to keep your premiums lower. With a little research about companies and policies you could possibly reduce your rates by quite a bit.

Lots of auto insurance companies offer free quotes online. Using the Internet to get a free quote takes only minutes, and you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy dealing with live humans, juggling appointments and playing telephone tag. Needless to say, getting quotes online makes comparison shopping infinitely easier than the tired old methods. Plus, some websites will even find and gather a list of quotes for you. Netquote.com, for example, gives you the option of entering all your information just once without having to repeat the process over and over again as you would if you were investigating individual insurance companies. It may take a few days for netquote.com to gather the information you need, but once the process is complete, you will get an extremely readable and well-organized list of rates to consider, and you’ll realize that the results are well worth the wait.

The best way to reduce your car insurance rates is to clean up your driving record. It will help to avoid traffic and make sure you obey the speed limits. Be attentive as your drive and make sure you don’t exceed the speed limit and with time your record will clear and your rates can decrease.


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