How do i get the most money back from a car insurance claim?

September 12, 2017 · Posted in FAQ 
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mr_p.williams asked:

I was recently rear-ended in my car. There were no injuries to either party, just a little paint chipped, my bumper pushed in slightly, and my trunk lid sprung. How should i go about geting appraisals performed? Should i get my appraisals from higher end body shops to ensure a larger check? this is my first insurance claim and i have no idea how this stuff works!! Please help!

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  1. lblackvelvet on November 13th, 2009 7:54 am

    If the other party was at fault? and they have insurance? there insurance agent will send an adjuster to veiw the damage and they will have a $$ amount that you will have to be fairly close to.
    Different States,different agencies handle claims different,you might want to check with your agent to be sure you are being dealt with fairly before you except any offers.

  2. manuel b on November 15th, 2009 11:00 pm

    More important—-I hope nobody got hurt—–& I hope you are going thru insurance companies (if you are not, I cannot help you) -I don’t know where you live— the best you can do is get 3-4 estimates (if you pay for them—save the receipts & submit them to YOUR insurance company) Let the insurance companies fight it out—they will get the vehicle repaired. P.S. they will most likely pay for a RENTAL……..

  3. bulldog13 on November 18th, 2009 11:37 am

    first of all, it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is you should still try to get the most from your claim. so you should research ( what your doing now) inspect (even a non mechanical mind can notice change) if you see something that doesent look right, it’s not right! and most importantly remember after it’s all said and done you will still be left with a previously wrecked car which is more likly to have issues down the road therefore it is your right to come out ahead on your claim….now how i approach this is i tell my body man that i want only factory parts on this car because that what it came out with, then i tell them i do not want damaged parts such as sheet metal (repaired) but removed and replaced. that will run up the estimate real fast especially if it requires welding in a new trunk panel. the insurance company will send out an adjuster to make their crappy lowball estimate . next step is the negotiation…you have the ball in your court on this one, you tell the insurance company you wont accept their offer and that they need to provide you with a rental car as yours is inoperable (which by law they have to pay for) then you drive their car and play the waiting game, most insurance have to pay out within no more than 30 days, after you get paid you can have your car fixed with the cheaper parts, and take the leftover cash and go on vacation to forget about this stressful experience.

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