How does having a roommate affect car insurance premiums and renter’s insurance?

October 28, 2017 · Posted in FAQ 
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Rococo asked:

I’m on a time crunch to get into an apartment, and I’m trying to move in with my boyfriend. My parents are concerned that having any kind of roommate, boyfriend or not, will make our car insurance premiums go up (because he could potentially use the car) and that their home owner’s insurance won’t cover my belongings under the renter’s insurance rider we’ve previously used (simply because I have a roommate).

Does anyone know what affect having a roommate has on car insurance and renter’s insurance?

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5 Responses to “How does having a roommate affect car insurance premiums and renter’s insurance?”

  1. Cynthia on May 21st, 2010 4:07 am

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  2. Banana on May 24th, 2010 9:07 am

    Having a roommate does not affect your car insurance. If you want someone else to be added to your policy then you request that & your premium might go up based on that person’s record. I don’t even have my husband on my car insurance because his record is so bad. My premium is great. The only thing about moving that might affect your car insurance is miles driven per year based on the location of your home vs work. As far as renter’s insurance, of course your parents policy would not cover you in another location. You get renter’s insurance with your boyfriend & pay like $25/month for it.

  3. KMcG on May 25th, 2010 12:56 am

    Just call the insurance company and ask. I would think that unless you add him to your insurance it shouldn’t go up. As for the renter’s policy, if you and he each have your own policy then that shouldn’t be a problem either.

  4. ET on May 25th, 2010 3:26 pm

    ask your insurance agent, before you move into the apartment. should not effect car insurance unless bf is listed on the policy as an authorized driver. his drivers license number would have to be added to the policy.

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