How much for an 18 years old car insurance?

May 25, 2017 · Posted in FAQ 
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kenkttan asked:

I will be turning 18 in august, and i was just wondering how much my car insurance will be. I have to wait till august to get my license, My GPA is about 3.50gpa, I’m planning on buying a used scion tc. Can someone give me a estimate how much i have to pay for 6 month insurance?

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  1. Freddy M on July 16th, 2009 6:51 pm

    My son recently became 18 yrs old and bought a 2006 Honda Civic.
    He shopped around for liability insurance. and the lowest quote he got was $80/month. In California.
    So it all depends on age, area, kind of car, and driving record.
    good luck

  2. Ayva on July 18th, 2009 1:10 am

    Can’t be estimated I’m afraid – the premium isn’t just based on your age and car, there are a lot of risking factors for an insurance policy.

    Some are:

    Car type
    Car modifications
    Kept Postcode
    Estimated annual mileage
    Driving history
    Driving convictions
    Driving accident history
    Marital Status
    Number of children (you are more likely to be a safer driver if you may have children in the car)
    Occupation (if you drove lorries for example, you are a higher risk due to tiredness when driving, however something like customer services is a low risk)
    Age and driving history/convictions of named drivers (they can actually make your premium cheaper!)
    The optional excess amount (the higher the excess, the lower the premium – but remember, you will need to pay this in the event of a claim so don’t make it more than you can afford!)

    As for a 6 month policy, most insurers provide 12 month policies so cancelling it after 6 months may incur a cancellation fee. You may be better to go with a broker if you only want a short term policy.

    Why not do a couple of online quotes? They’re free obviously, and you don’t have to take them up. You might find that the sites may tell you to call for a quote, but this doesn’t mean that it’s an automatic decline, it may be down to your age v the car you’re choosing. They may want to ensure you are a suitable risk before they confirm a quote to you.

  3. raymond on July 18th, 2009 5:59 pm

    It’ll probably be about 150 a month, not easy to say without knowing where you are etc.
    It’s free to get quotes at

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