How to Compare Car Insurance Options Online

August 10, 2017 · Posted in General Articles on Car Insurance 

A primary advantage of internet comparison shopping is the time saved, and this is particularly true of using online car insurance websites.

Shopping for car insurance online has revolutionized the industry. You can comparison-shop hundreds of different auto insurance companies with the click of a mouse button.

To a certain extent, your options are limited by your state, region, and driving record, but you still need to make the choices between the options you have available. Regardless, you can still find a great deal by shopping for your insurance online.

Aggregator websites can be a tremendous time saving tool. Go to, for example, and type the information that is relevant to you. You will receive an extensive list of different car insurance companies and the price quotes that they can offer you depending on your age, vehicle, and insurance needs. These forms should not take more than approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete, and you can save big.

In some instances, these websites cannot yield instant quotes. Instead, you will need to wait for the particular insurance company to evaluate your case and contact you at a later time via email or telephone. In other circumstances, you will be transferred directly to a company’s insurance agent.

Going straight to an insurance company’ website can be another option. This method is advisable if you only have a few insurance companies that you would consider using and you want more detailed information about those company’s products.

You will most likely be contacting more than a few companies, so remember to stay organized-it will save you time and frustration. Keep a simple chart next to each company, and write down key facts such as their price quote, 1-800 phone number, the name of the agent you spoke to, and any discounts they are currently offering.

Finally, once you have looked at enough online car insurance websites, do not forget to investigate the ratings from Standard and Poor’s to learn how the company you chose compares with other insurance companies.


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